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Starting to see deal flow

One of the things that I’ve looked forward to all summer has been coming to talks with a prospective company that we could acquire. Even better would be personally facilitating those talks.

After looking into countless industries and sending out what has seemed like a million emails, I have been able to bring a company “to the table” to consider potentially selling their business to BTC, the company I intern with. I’ve been able to have several companies respond and I have been able to engage in various sages of a deal with various companies.

Of course, prior to these talks, various other steps are required. I had first sent out the email, scheduled 3-4 phone conversations, sent over a “non-disclosure agreement,” reviewed financials, and scheduled phone calls with BTCs partners.

What has been really interesting is seeing the amount of detail in conversation and in the term sheets sent out to companies we’d like to acquire.

For the most part, the process of acquiring a company has been pretty simple. We’ve held sessions run by our partners that help us understand each deal that is currently being modeled out.

Every day is getting busier and busier as more deals are made available for us to work with. I’m looking forward to continuing the rest of my internship.