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Overall Internship Experience

Overall, I had a very positive internship experience at the SEC and would recommend the Summer Honors Program to any sophomore or junior at Babson College. At the SEC I learned what it is like to work in the public industry as well as the perks of working at the SEC. The other interns I worked with were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The staff at the SEC worked hard to incorporate us into the commission by allowing us to attend all meetings, trivia games, and social hours. The staff were very invested in us and wanted all of us to get the best experience possible and to not to do much busy work. Although this internship is unpaid the experience was unbelievable and eye opening. It is a very unique experience to see how the government is run, and especially to see how the SEC is intertwined with other government agencies. The work I did this summer strengthened my accounting, IT, and communication skills, which I know I will be able to transfer into future internships and full time job offers!