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Learning from my Peers

During an internship, you not only have the chance to learn from the senior management but you learn a lot from your peers. At my internship, I had two other interns working with me and they were both MBA students. They started the internship a little before myself so they were able to teach me once I got here. If I had a small question or needed some help on a project, they were my go to people. If we all tried to solve the problem multiple times and we still could not resolve it, that was when we went to the senior management to help us out. The most useful information I learned from the other interns was how to think outside the box. Whenever I came up with a solution and thought that it was the only or the best way to do a project, they questioned it. At first, it took me by surprise because I was used to doing a project with only my perspective. However, through these accumulation of ideas, the project was able to encompass aspects in which I did not even think about beforehand. After that, I am continuously trying to think outside the box and learn more and more everyday.

Teamwork is essential in any job function and the more I learn to work with people, the more I am developing myself. Since they were MBA students, they were able to give me great life, school and job advice for the future. Even though they knew more than I did, they never treated me like I knew less than they did. They asked me for my advice regarding our projects, our personal lives and our academic lives. They made me feel important and part of the team even though I knew less than they did. I realized that making somebody feel important and valuable to the team is really important and this is one valuable lesson I will apply to all my future careers as well.