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Great Tips for Students Finishing up their Internships

As August begins, I can’t help but think about summer drawing to a close, and our student interns completing their jobs. Before you finish your internship, check out this great article by Heather Finn from Hit the Ground Running: 5 People You Should have Lunch Withimages .

As the Associate Director of Experiential Programs one of my roles is to work with student interns through our Career Exploration Lab. I enjoy reading about the incredible experiences our student interns are having all over the globe this summer. We have students working in start-ups, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies across the United States, Africa, India, Israel, Spain and Switzerland. They are trying out roles in accounting, business development, investments, marketing, financial modeling, banking, business process design, politics/government, software design, music and more. Some students have confirmed they selected the right career path, and others are realizing that they need to explore other opportunities to find their calling. Either way, these internships are an opportunity for our students to explore various career paths, cultivate skills and expand their professional networks! Interns, be sure to take full advantage of these great opportunities that you have. Work hard, communicate effectively, volunteer to do tasks, ask questions and connect with as many colleagues as you can.

And, in addition to Heather Finn’s tips, a few more:
• Update your resume with your new experience, show it to your supervisor, ask for feedback
• Send thank you notes to those you learned from, connected with, and those who supported you
• Update your LinkedIn profile
• Connect with new colleagues through LinkedIn

See you back on campus soon!