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Tune-in now to Credit Suisse

It’s hard to believe the recruiting season is about to start for students as you are just finishing up your internships!  I hope that students have had great experiences this summer, filled with lots of learning and building new relationships with colleagues, mentors and leaders.

Please take some time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before school starts and recruiting really picks up.  You never want to stop your job search completely – always be networking and tuning into what the companies are offering.  The more knowledge you have and connections built, the better off you will be when it comes time for your job search.

That being said, Credit Suisse is offering a whole line-up of upcoming webinars that cover an array of topics from the recruiting process, the role of an analyst to impact investing.  If you are interested in applying to a summer analyst program with Credit Suisse, be sure to participate in the US Undergraduate Webinar Series.