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The Impact of Positivity

During my internship at Ardsley I always take the initiative and dive into tasks with a positive attitude. For example, a couple of weeks ago my advisor told me to complete some research pertaining to renewable energy investment. I took the initiative and created an organized, well researched report on my findings. A week later I found out that he would use my research in a Forbes article on renewable energy investment and that I would receive attribution for the work that I did. Below is the link to the article that I helped research:


I was happy that the work I put into the research paid off. I realized that performing above and beyond expectations does have a positive end result and employees do take notice. Prior to completing the research I successfully overhauled the company’s salesforce system and completed quality research using Bloomberg. My past successes coupled with my strong initiative to complete the research showed to my adviser that I deserved attribution.

Moving forward I realized the importance of passion and a strong desire to work. Through enthusiasm and an open mind many opportunities will come your way and people will want to work with you. The value of a smile and a “thanks” is much greater than I ever realized. I am happy with my past successes and I know I will have more achievements in my future through taking what I have learned and applying it to my future internship and jobs.