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Workplace Networking

Throughout my summer internship I have taken numerous steps to expand my professional network. At Ardsley I sit in on client meetings and presentations. During these meetings I not only learn more about the fund, stock market, marketing, finance, etc., but I am able to meet new people and exchange contact information. Along with client meetings and presentations my administrator invites me to networking events. So far I have attended a networking event in Greenwich, an AIMA round table event in Greenwich, and plan to attend dinner events in Greenwich and NYC later in July.

Prior to the internship I had not attended private networking events. These networking events have taken place outside of the workday, but they have been the most beneficial and eye opening moments of my internship. At both of the events I attended I was able to talk with hedge fund managers and traders about their career and personal life. The events lasted two hours and I had meaningful conversations with at least a dozen people at both events.

I know these connections that I am making will create more opportunities for me in the future. Numerous individuals who I met said I could contact them if I ever need any advice or expertise on a particular subject. Going forward I will continue to stay in contact with the people that I met. Their knowledge and resources are invaluable to my future and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.