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Business Development Within A Hospital

There is not much that has happened since the last time I wrote. I have been working on the same project for the past few weeks. Although it has gotten monotonous, no internship is easy and I have trust in the process and the overall experience I am receiving.

The key to business development within a hospital is donations. Since Shriners takes pride in being known as the world’s greatest philanthropic institution, our department has one of the most critical tasks in maintaining the mission of the hospital. That is to provide the highest quality care to children despite their family’s inability to pay. This sounds simple, but the costs hospitals accrue are astronomical. Shriners provides their children with on-site education, state of the art surgical technology, and hotel-style accommodations for the duration of their injuries.

That being said, my job thus far has been utilizing the institution’s databases to search for local organizations and research professionals. I then generate a prospect list in excel and include all information I find that will help us extract leads.

In my last blog, I talked about the Xconomy conference and how the need for venture capitalist interest within non profits should increase in order to improve the future. My job is to track those people who have invested themselves in non profit and local causes. The more the professional cares about the community, the higher the chance of them caring to help our hospitals mission.

I have currently generated over 200 prospects and am editing existing lists by updating information and cleaning out old databases. The next step, is mail merging and sending out the prospect letter that I have recently drafted. Once this is complete, I look forward to writing about my next big project!