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Streaming the Salesforce System

One of my primary tasks to complete throughout my summer internship is to overhaul the company’s salesforce system. I aim to create a system which supports the company’s business strategy. In order to achieve this goal I need to create a salesforce data model that serves the business’s needs. Eventually my administrator hopes to use salesforce to perform everyday tasks and replace their traditional customer relationship management system.

To successfully build the salesforce system I will apply salesforce best practices. First I will simplify the lead capture process by automatically transcribing business cards into the system. This will not only save time, but all of the business cards will be stored in the system, which reduces clutter. I will map out the sales process and determine which stages of the lead process my administrator wants to track. Through successfully tracking marketing campaigns and lead to sale generation we can determine the best algorithm for future sale success in the future.

In order to accomplish these goals I have been watching salesforce tutorials and learning about the system from my administrator. I have formed a great relationship with my manager and he has a supportive and positive attitude. At the end of each day he asks me what I have learned and will give me a compliment. Prior to the internship I did not realize how much positive reinforcement motivates you. In FME we learned about organizational behavior and the importance of clear communication and positivity, but experiencing it firsthand I realized the impact it can have on the work environment. In the fall I will be sure to compliment and positively motivate peers in my classes and group projects.