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A Look into Company Culture

Now over two weeks into my internship, I have the opportunity to reflect on what I have learned thus far. Specifically, I will be discussing the company’s culture. My first day at the office was unlike my previous experiences in a business setting.  After a nice introduction to my fellow coworkers, I was immediately engulfed by the activities of the day. In addition to quickly recognizing that the environment is fast-paced, I also learned that everyone at the office is treated as an equal, regardless of age or experience. This makes it easier to feel welcome and a part of the team. Rather than having a segregated duties, everyone at the office works together on different projects. Physically coinciding with the team-oriented practices, a large work table rests in the middle of the office. All employees use this table as a type of base where ideas and results are exchanged.

I have come to find that I enjoy this structure due to the fact that I am not closed off from what goes on internally. In other words, I am not secluded from other projects. Rather, I am able to see how the business operates and what needs to be accomplished overall. Continuing with the topic of company culture, the attire at the office is usually business casual. Although they place high importance on professionalism, they also value authenticity. Having the ability to wear casual yet professional clothing enforces the idea that interns and employees are a part of a team that wants them to feel comfortable. Though one needs to be conscious of how they present themselves, they do not need to hold back their input and ideas due to the fact that they are welcome.

Thus far, I have found that I work well with the company’s structure. I believe that working in an open, close-knit environment has helped my learning by allowing me to feel comfortable and valued. Treated as an equal, I know that my opinions and ideas will be heard.