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A Little Bit About Me

I have never had a blog or written a single blog entry in the past, so this will be my first. I like the idea of having my thoughts on an online database accessible to the public and even to my future self for future reflection. This will be my first ever blog entry.

My name is Allan Nudelman, rising Junior at Babson and native of Colombia. I am a true lover of nature and have business ambitions that revolve around travelling and learning about the world. This year’s internship search was focused on finding an experience that would allow me to work and learn something technical, but equally as important, to travel and see the world. From the beginning of the spring semester I reached out to absolutely everyone I knew and managed to get my resume in the hands of the CEO of a clinical research company. She was instructed by our mutual friend to give out my resume to companies that would potentially be interested in having me intern, but to my surprise it was she who was interested in having me at her company. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland, one of the most historic cities in Europe founded in 1291; the opportunity could not have been a better fit for what I wanted to do. What better way to intern than to live in a historical city and get to see it after office hours?

My role in the company is labeled business analyst.  I am working side by side with the CEO and basically assisting her in running the company: making suggestions for improvement, speaking with clients, and improving existing models as well as presentations for potential a potential buyout. The company is composed of about thirty people, which is pretty small, and is also the reason I am so excited about it. For the past six months I worked at AB Inbev, one of the biggest corporations in the world, and this experience is a sharp contrast that will give me a whole new perspective on business.

This concludes my first blog. I am happy to have embarked on this initiative and look forward to posting some more.