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Architects of the Future

I have now entered the second week of my internship. Week one went well, however I quickly learned that sitting at a desk from 9-5 working on the same project becomes tedious and leaves you with some serious neck pain. However, I am working with some very intelligent and caring individuals who take pride in their work at Shriners, and their impact on the lives of others, which has been valuable to my education.

This week, my boss told me she would be attending an Xconomy conference on my college campus and many executives in the healthcare industry would be there. After this conversation I got back to my project, but couldn’t stop wishing I could attend the event somehow.  Once I completed the project, I decided when I handed it in I would ask my boss if she would allow me to attend the conference, as it was free to Babson Students. She said yes and looking back I could not be happier that I built up the confidence to ask her.

At the conference I was certainly out of my comfort zone. Sitting next to Harvard Professors, Google Representatives, and CEO’s for Boston Hospitals made me feel slightly unqualified to be in attendance. However, I realize now that in order to progress my education, maximize growth, and utilize opportunities it is imperative to step out of my comfort zone.

The Xconomy conference was focused on Boston in the year 2035. There were many speakers who spoke about innovations and how the future will be so much different than the present. Desh Deshpande of Sparta Group was the first speaker who stood out to me. He explained that this world needs to be such where everyone is part of the economy. Venture capitalists need to continue looking to invest in non-profits and more startups aimed at solving worldly issues. He said “there are three types of people. Those who are blind in the world, those who complain and then there are the people who get excited and want to make change,” and entrepreneurs are those that want to make change by solving worldly problems. One cannot be pessimistic if they want to succeed. Deshpande said, in his point of view, quality of life is waking up in the morning and having the feeling of excitement about your occupation. Others spoke about the importance of involving our children in present innovation, because they think differently and are the faces of the future. The general message of the conference without rambling about the details was as follows: The city of Boston, discovered by the colonists was originally a well-structured society centered on Puritan values of hard work, moral uprightness, and education. In order to continue these values it is important to support non-profits and invest in the innovative solutions to problems in our city that can change the world. In doing this, we need to inspire others to do the same, because it will take more than an auditorium filled with successful executives to change the world.

I am lucky enough to live in an area of the country where opportunity is boundless. After attending this conference I feel even more focused towards my social impact career choice and entrepreneurial education from Babson College. I know whatever it is I choose to do, I will keep Boston in the year 2035 and 2055 in the back of my mind.  The future is in our hands.