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Blogging about Blogging

Well this is somewhat embarrassing, but yes, this blog post is about blog posts…

College students are social media gurus and it is exciting to see them leveraging LinkedIn as a heavily used resource to chart and explore their career paths. How is that related to blogging?

Well, in addition to learning how to create their profiles and connect with alumni and others within their personal networks, there are also those that have taken their LI presence to the next level by blogging. As you know, blogging is a way to share experiences, stories, tips, perspectives and ideas. Blogging also builds credibility and can lead one to become a thought leader and an influencer.  In the Undergraduate Center for Career Development at Babson, we also see blogging as a way to showcase oneself to potential future employers.

Over the past few weeks, Babson student blogs have been featured in LinkedIn Pulse numerous times with topics including internship experiences; thoughts on being a millennial; tips on cover letters, resumes; how to stand out; etc. The views and shares have reached around the globe. To check out a few of their most recent blogs take a look (like them, share them, connect with them) and get blogging!

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