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The Importance of a Comprehensive Curriculum

Babson prides itself in the fact that it is more than just another business school. The curriculum is structured in a way that we explore all areas of a business within the first two years. In addition to sampling in depth all aspects of a company, we also take Liberal Arts courses that are meant to strengthen our writing and speaking skills. At times, we ask why do we need to suffer through this? How is this going to help us? Well, right now I am thanking whoever decided to add these required classes. Even before the first day of my internship, I was given an assignment that dealt with online marketing—it talked about SEO, backlinks, Google Analytics, branding and a whole lot of other stuff. This all made sense to me; I had completed SME and was fluent in this. I thought my fellow interns were equally equipped with this knowledge, however, I was wrong. As an intern, I have been given a goal without a clear path to follow. I was simply told to increase the Google ranking of the legal metrics and legal department operations keywords and we will follow your progress. While this assignment was challenging, it was not because I was confused about what I was been asked to do. It was not until a fellow intern told me she had to “Google” all these terms, that I realized why I had to take all those classes.