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From the Classroom to the Course

Hello, my name is Anne McCormack. I am a rising sophomore at Babson College and would like to share my summer internship experience in the hope that it may benefit others. To begin, I would tell incoming first years at Babson that throughout the school year, it is quite easy to become caught up in everything from clubs to schoolwork. However, I that knew during my first year at Babson I wanted to get just as much experience outside the classroom as I did inside. What would be a perfect way to start? Well, my first thought was an internship. Thankfully, Babson has an annual internship fair that helps students see which businesses are seeking new applicants.

Arriving at Babson, I knew that I was interested in marketing so I decided to shift my focus in that direction. At the internship fair, I came across a business called TRACS, Inc. TRACS is a global sports marketing and event management company that creates events and programs that exceed sales and marketing goals. They partner with clients to deliver sustainable business growth through innovative brand management. Believing this would be a great way to introduce myself into marketing as well as an opportunity to learn more about the area of event management, I handed in my resume. Later in the year, I went in for an interview and soon I was a future intern at the company. Finally, the time has come for me to begin my much anticipated experience.

At TRACS, I will be involved in a variety of projects related to marketing and event planning/management. This includes anything from working on social media campaigns to promote events, to reviewing and organizing upcoming events, to attending the events to make sure things go smoothly. Overall, I look forward to the experience and hope to learn more each day.