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From Finance to Entrepreneurship

This CCD Guest Blog post was written by Helena Hernandez, student at Babson College

I am currently a rising junior from Caracas, Venezuela. As I entered my time at Babson, I had thought I would concentrate solely in Finance. However, Babson has allowed me—at times forced me—to expand my horizons, which I am grateful for. Through the FME and SME courses, I experienced all areas of a business and discovered a passion for Information Systems. After having completed the required course for the Information Technology Management concentration, I knew I would double concentrate. Coming this Fall, I will be participating in BRIC, which will allow me to tap into Babson’s pride and joy: Entrepreneurship.

As a Babson student, the concept of entrepreneurship has been present from day one. When looking for a summer internship, I wanted to explore this concept more and decided to look for a small, entrepreneurial company. I believe that with a small team, I will be able to gain more hands on experience, which can better prepare me for my post-Babson years. I will be interning at Argopoint, a small legal management consulting firm. During the next few months, I will join the Argopoint team to help Fortune 500 companies improve their legal corporate department performance through innovative ideas.