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My 2015 Summer Internship

My name is Jonathan Mleczko. I’m from Dorchester, MA and I will be a junior in Fall 2015. I am currently planning on concentrating in finance.

After having a rather intensive hip surgery in the summer of 2014, I had to make the difficult decision to stop playing ice hockey for Babson. Stopping a sport that I’ve played for 15 years was no easy task. I’ve had to re-identify and reacclimatize myself to the “regular” world. What I’ve found is that much of the finance world that I’m interested in is high-paced, competitive, and challenging, just like ice hockey was. What I’ve been missing from leaving ice hockey is filled by my interest in finance.

For the summer of 2015, I will be working as a private equity analyst with Beacon Tree Capital (BTC) in Boston starting on June 8th. I will be working alongside 3 other interns for the summer. BTCs goal is to search for and acquire companies that generate revenues ranging from $60-100 million and are also proven sustainable businesses.

My internship will require me to search for and speak with business owners regarding potentially negotiating a sale of their company if they are interested. I then speak with the managers of BTC and present my case for why a company would be a company Beacon Tree Capital would purchase. I will run a variety of valuations and present my case for why the company should be valued at a certain amount of money.

I’ve worked with New Forest Capital, a small private equity firm, during the spring semester of 2015. Yet New Forest dealt with companies that generated revenues in the $1-10 million range. I found the work extremely interesting and fast paced and so decided to search for similar opportunities but with PE firms that deal with higher revenue companies.

Before our first day, BTC managers have organized a social for the whole BTC team at Tia’s in Boston. It should be a great time meeting the other interns I will be working with for the summer.