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Let the Summer Begin

I was lucky enough to receive the Internship Sponsorship Award for this summer as I work as an unpaid intern. As a requirement to receiving this award, I will be writing a number of blog posts about my experience over the summer.

My name is Rupam Gupta and I will be a junior in the Fall of 2015 at Babson College, where I am planning on concentrating in Finance and Economics. This summer I am working at a boutique Investment Bank called Woodside Capital Partners (WCP) in California. WCP is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, where they specialize in Technology mergers and acquisitions especially for startups and distressed companies. I work with a team of analysts and other interns who have been catching me up to speed with their current deals in the last week that I have been here.

As a summer intern I will be doing much of what a full time analyst does but with less client interaction. At WCP, like most investment banks, we either are working on an M&A deal or looking to raise capital for a company through various means. Therefore, the job will require me to create valuations for clients and also search for potential strategic acquirers or financial investors. In the process I hope to learn about the different sub sectors in the Technology industry and about the due diligence process.

Look to hear more from me throughout the summer about my experiences and what I’ve learned!