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A Final Farewell

I sit back and stare at my computer after finishing the final sentence of my real-estate evaluation report. After a few days of number crunching and writing, my take-home final exam was finally done. In fact, I was done with college. My last assignment proved to be a difficult but rewarding experience. And so was the past four years at Babson College.

As an Admissions Fellow, one of my favorite questions to ask prospective students during interviews is what they expect to get out of Babson College if they were to attend the institution. An education is one of the best investments one can make but represents a commitment of time and money (to some) with high opportunity costs. And with any investment, not only do you need to know what you are giving but also what you are expected to receive.

A few days after the Undergraduate Commencement, I found myself asking if I have made any progress… if I have made a positive difference in the world… if I have enjoyed my time here. Essentially, “if I have made a good investment.” Reflecting back, I realized that I have learned valuable business concepts from remarkable faculty. I have been given many opportunities to apply what I have learned. I have grown to be a better communicator. I have made life-long friends. Perhaps most importantly, I have grown to love going outside of my comfort zone. And I feel as prepared as I can get to face an exciting future…

Perhaps I do not represent your conventional story of a college graduate. I am not going into the corporate sector not did I participate in the job-search process. As an international student from Myanmar, a country going through dramatic political and economic changes, I am more excited about the opportunities back home. I want to be a force for positive change in an emerging market and ultimately “create economic and social value” as an entrepreneur. So far the road ahead looks bright and while I will greatly miss Babson College and all its aspects, I am excited to shape Babson’s legacy around the world.