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What do you want to “major in” in Life?

Some tips for all students

As another Senior class prepares to graduate from Babson, they will embark on a new journey.   You will no longer have course requirements for fulfilling a major or concentration to graduate, but you will be on a new path to define what you want to major in in Life. What is your purpose in life? So how do you find this when you don’t have Babson professors or staff guiding you or graduation requirements to meet?

It isn’t simple! While some may discover it early in their careers, most of us are still taking steps to figure it out. You have already started this journey by going to college, taking courses and joining student or sports organizations that interest and energize you. Or you participated in experiential learning opportunities like a MCFE or an internship. Whether these were positive or negative experiences, they helped educate you about what you value, which leads you a step closer to finding your purpose. After you graduate, continue being curious and say ‘yes’ to opportunities, even if it isn’t clear where they will lead. Continue networking and attending training and professional events to learn about different industries, companies and career paths. Never stop learning or expanding out of your comfort zone.

You find your purpose from within. Make time to self-reflect and connect to you. Keep a list of your values and beliefs. Discover what makes you happy. Sometimes identifying what drives you crazy, brings you closer to identifying what you value. These values will help guide you through difficult life decisions and closer to your purpose. Who do you hang out with? Understanding who our friends are and why we enjoy spending time with them is one more clue to what is important to us.   Ask ‘Why’ am I doing this work? Understanding why you are doing what you’re doing helps you discover your motivators. Leverage your strengths. Most advice you receive in companies is to work on your weaknesses, but more importantly identify what you can be the best at.

Take action. Stop waiting, wondering and hoping for a lightning bolt of inspiration. Sometimes living our life purpose and meeting our goals can seem lofty, but by identifying small, attainable goals, you take steps closer to living your dream.

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….and schedule a meeting in Career Connections with a Career Adviser, who can provide you more tips and tools for identifying your values and purpose and create an action plan.