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Babson SF goes to Yelp!

Last week, the Babson SF team took a trip to Yelp. Every one of us have used the website/app at least once during our stay our time here in San Francisco .With all of the restaurants around us Yelp makes it easy to choose where we’d like to go. It was a unique experience to get an inside look at the company’s San Francisco Headquarters just a few blocks from the Babson SF campus. I was impressed by the company’s fast growth and entrepreneurial flair. The Yelp team is very efficient and maintains elements of a startup while having the growth of a very large company. The sales team at Yelp even has a wall of fame where the top sales rep for each quarter gets a special and quirky photo shoot and a weekend getaway to serve as a reward for their excellent sales performance. Furthermore, members of the sales team get to hit a gong every time they make a sale and the sales team cheers whenever a sale is made. I got the impression that working at Yelp was fun and hard work 24/7, a rarity in the stereotypical business world. We also got to meet a Babson alumni working for the Yelp sales team and she served as one of our tour guides for the Babson SF team. This experience was helpful for many of us because we were able to experience a large company that was a maintained start up culture despite its large number of employees.

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