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Introducing Park Manor West!

Just this semester, Babson opened its newest residence hall: Park Manor West. This residence hall was built for first-year students, and this spaces houses more than 200 students! This residence completes the first-year quad, which is home to four residence halls—Park Manor West, Park Manor North, Park Manor Central, and Park Manor South—that help with the matriculation of first-year students. The co-located space allows for first-year students to get to know one another easier.

This residence hall in particular is home to not only a residential experience but also an academic experience. Located on the lower floor, there is a classroom that was specifically designed for Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME). The classroom space is designed to model innovation spaces used in practice—an example of this is the white board walls! Moreover, this residence hall also contains the Leonard A. Schlesinger Innovation Center. This innovation space is used for FME students so that they can collaborate on their student-run ventures.

To learn more about the exciting new features of Park Manor west, visit this page.