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Business Tip of the Day

This post was written by Jaclyn Gaines ’16, CCD Peer Career Ambassador.

As I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, I came across a picture that I found pretty interesting. The picture was posted by www.successfastlane.com, which is a site full of motivational videos, interviews, and articles from inspirational people to advise people on how to reach their full potential. I would definitely encourage you to check out this site.

Specifically, the picture featured a quote from Naveen Jain, who said, “How you make people feel after they meet you is more important than what you say. Their experience with you becomes your business card.”

I think this quote encompasses the importance of first impressions. Mainly, the way you treat someone and how you present yourself can have a longer lasting impression on someone than what you say to them. In addition to just the content of a conversation, the feeling of the interaction can be the foundation of a long lasting relationship. And this is far more sustainable than a basic conversation that can quickly be forgotten. So the next time you meet someone, keep this quote in the back of your mind and make people want to ask for your business card!