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Job Search Agent in Career Connections

This post was written by Shun Ping Huang ’17, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. 

Did you know that Career Connections can notify you of an internship posting that matches your search criteria? Instead of logging into Career Connections to search for a specific internship and logging out empty-handed, you can easily set up the customized Job Search Agent in Career Connections by following the following steps:

Reasons why you should set up the Job Search Agent in Career Connections today:

  • The Job Search Agent in Career Connections will save you a lot of search time. It will notify you when an internship that fits your desired requirements has been posted.  For example, I would like a full-time Marketing job posting in NYC in the healthcare field. When such a posting becomes available, I will get an email; I no longer have to search Career Connections for the same requirements periodically.
  • Applying to the right opportunities increases your chances of getting them. Rather than applying to any opportunity that you stumble upon, setting a specific criteria that fits you will increase your chances of getting it.

It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to advance your career search opportunities!

Please email questions to ccdpca@babson.edu.