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Cheers to Travel!

In High School, it is hard to avoid the stereotypes that surround the college experience. House parties, sleeping all day, and of course, spring break! I am sure you have watched some movie or show where at some point they show the typical big group trip to Florida or the Dominican Republic where students spend all day on the beach and all night drinking and although this no doubt occurs in real life, spring break is 10 free days to make the most of and see something new. Here at Babson, we always encourages to think outside the box and try something new and so when the time came to plan spring break this year, my friends and I decided to steer away from the typical spring break experience and do something different. After doing some research and looking into places we had easier access to, we decided to go to Ireland! Something I have come to appreciate from studying abroad is being able to experience different cultures and we were certainly able to do this. We traveled to Dublin, Galway, and Belfast and from those locations also got to visit some of the most beautiful natural locations in the world like the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway. The entire trip was incredible and being able to do it with two of my closest friends made it even better. If there is something I have learned from Babson it is that there are so many places and cultures that are so different from each other and the diversity we experience here at Babson encourages me to go out into the world to experience diversity in different countries and continents. Although the typical beach spring break trip is not bad, I am glad I tried something new and had the amazing experience that I had!