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Business Analytics at Babson and Beyond

This Blog was written by Babson student, Nelson Munoz, class of 2015. Munoz recently secured his post graduate plans at one of the big 4 professional services firms in a data analytics role in their consulting practice.
When I first came to Babson three years ago, “Big Data” was not exactly a buzzword yet. Now, in less than three years, big data analytics drives major decisions in most industries and is quickly becoming a priority for every company. Analytics is changing the way organizations around the world operate and has created great opportunities, both corporate and entrepreneurial, for those who know how to harness the power of data. Coming to Babson I never thought that anything on the analytical part of the spectrum would be right for me, but after taking some of the Business Analytics courses I realized that not only was this a blooming area, but the type of work was actually super fun. As such, I decided to pursue a career in the field.

When I started searching for a job I was completely lost. Even though I was not sure where to start looking I was determined to find the right position. My first stop was Babson’s Undergraduate Center for Career Development. During their office hours I met with one of the career advisers; she helped me get started with the search, pointing to open positions on Career Connections and to people on campus who could help me find what I was looking for. Tapping into Babson’s network, I met with professors, attended events on and off campus and emailed recruiters and alumni in my target companies. Through this process I found that top companies such as PwC, Google, Apple and Goldman Sachs were actively looking for candidates who had the kind of skills in analytics that I had acquired at Babson.

Having found all these great opportunities, I figured it was time for me to start submitting applications. Once again, the team at the Center for Career Development was very supportive, helping me create a resume that showcased my abilities, positioned me for this path, and separated me from the crowd. Shortly after I began applying I was invited to interview at my top firm and before I knew it, I had accepted an offer for my dream job. As a result of my job search journey I was able to see just how much the world needs people with the kind of skills that Babson teaches us through Business Analytics classes. Opportunities like the ones available now in the field of analytics come by only once in a lifetime. Thankfully, through the Center for Career Development and the Business Analytics concentration, Babson is giving us the tools we need to seize the moment. Thanks to Babson and the CCD team I found my “once in a lifetime” opportunity in analytics… I encourage you to consider a career in business analytics as well.