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Women’s Overnight!

This past weekend was Women’s Overnight, one of my favorite events here in admissions! The Women’s Overnight is an event for all early action and early decision admitted females in which they can come to campus and stay with a student host for a night to get an idea of what it is like to be at Babson. Admitted students and their parents start off the night with a dinner in which the admissions office and some speakers talk about why they love Babson and then there is a fun social event with some admissions counselors and Babson students after. Student hosts will then show admitted students what their typical Babson night is and take them to their morning classes the next day. Overall, the admitted students leave with a really great feeling of what Babson is like!

I actually participated in the Women’s Overnight my senior year of High School and it had a huge impact on my decision to come to Babson. I already knew I loved Babson when I got admitted but meeting the girls I stayed with on my overnight and seeing their typical experience really sealed the deal! Because of this experience, I have always advised people to come to the many on campus events the admissions office facilitates because they really give you a great idea as to whether Babson is right for you! Some of the other events we have coming up are the Preview days and Babson 168, our day for all admitted students. To see the dates for all our upcoming events, check out our calendar!