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Setting the Scene: an Introductory Blog

I am greatly excited to begin working as an Admission Fellow! As a first-year student, the first organization that I joined was the Admission Ambassador Program—often abbreviated to AAP. Before coming to Babson, I had a terrific experience with the admission staff—shout out to Hannah, Court, and Blair—and I wanted to pay it forward by becoming a campus guide. Through this endeavor, I was exposed to the Admission Fellow program, and I was recently accepted to become an intern, where I hope to continue to assist in prospective students’ admission journeys. This post will serve as introductory blog!

Currently, I am a sophomore who is concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics. I am originally from Franklin, Massachusetts, which is only about 45 minutes away. Two years ago, I made the decision to come to Babson because it seemed like a perfect fit. The small classroom environment is reminiscent of my high school classrooms, which means that I have the opportunity to learn not only from the professor but also from the students. Moreover, I appreciate the balance in the curriculum: an equal balance between business and liberal arts courses. These liberal arts courses allow me the chance to explore my passions, such as political studies and literary explorations.

In terms of my campus involvement, I am involved with various different organizations. Aforementioned, I am a campus guide for AAP, and I recently became the organization’s vice-president. In addition to this organization, I also work in the Babson Writing Center. As a consultant, I help students develop their writing though all stages of the process. This is a great opportunity to not only assist my peers but also develop my writing skills. Finally, I am a Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) mentor, where I mentor first-year students as they develop and launch their student-run business—a hallmark to a student’s Babson experience.

Speaking of FME, I want to share my experience. I was the Chief Financial Officer of BioGrounds. BioGrounds was a fertilizer additive company that sold repurposed coffee grounds, which were generously contributed by Sodexo. As the CFO, I was able to maintain the accounting records and forecast the potential sales. However, I was not restrained to this department, and I was able to explore the other facets of the business, such as operations and marketing! FME is an amazing experience that exposes students to all aspects of a business, which helps them hone in on their concentrations.

I hope that this blog provided you with insight to who I am as a Babson student. I look forward to sharing with you all my Babson experience, where I will soon be deciding my abroad opportunities and exploring my career possibilities—stay tuned to learn more!