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Snowpocalypse – How to Navigate This Hectic Semester

This post was written by Owen Shea ’17, CCD Peer Career Ambassador.


Personally, I feel like this semester has not even started yet. We have been here for roughly 4 weeks and have been in class a fraction of that time. Although these snow days seem sweet (and they are) you must remember there is a little something called school after all. Delays from the onset of the semester only mean midterms, tests, quizzes, and those dreaded things they call finals will be even more jam-packed. Online classes and made-up classes surely help, but similar to anything in life getting off track leads to madness. I cannot speak for you, but I would bet a tighter window of time is more difficult than a relaxed, structured semester.  Keep in mind midterms will be arriving shortly as some classes have already taken some (Please pray for those students)! Structure your minutes, hours, days, and weeks, so come exam time you may have ample time to study and complete tasks.

If you are not a fan of the snow (most people are not to this extent), remain optimistic. A sunny spring is right around the corner and summer is closer than you think. Put the work in now during these miserable months so you hit stride during finals and the almost four month long break that lays ahead.