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Rain, snow, sleet or hail…school goes on!

Perhaps many would agree with me on this: I have never seen so much snow at Babson as I have within the past few weeks. But no matter the inches and the miles-per-hour, campus life goes on! Professors use WebEx Online Conferencing software so you can have class within the warm comforts of your room. Our Trim Dining Hall remains open through the toughest storms and still manages to give you a great meal: a much deserved kudos to all the staff at Trim. Two feet of snow? It is going to take more than that to stop you from reaching your iron. It is still your set. Our Webster Athletic Center is still open for a good sweat. Finally a huge thank you for all of our very own Babson Facilities and its remarkable staff who keep the campus clean and safe through these difficult times. Stay warm!

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