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You’ve applied to Babson…now what?

First of all, take a deep breath; you probably put a lot of work into your college search and applications, so I think I can speak for everyone when I say take five minutes off. Trust me, I know you are all still very busy.

So, to answer the question of “Now what?”

If you applied Early Decision and were admitted, CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome to the Class of 2019! You know where you are headed next year, so start looking forward to Babson168 (our Admitted Student Day in April), or plan a visit to campus if you haven’t been here already (or another one, if you already have).

The same advice goes for students who were admitted Early Action. You may still be applying to some colleges or trying to decide where to go, but take advantage of the fact that you have until May 1st to learn more about Babson. Additionally, you can check out some student blogs, come to an athletic eventtry something that will give you insight into student life at Babson.

If you applied Early Decision or Early Action and were deferred to the Regular Decision pool, keep up the hard work in the classroom as updated grades will be reviewed, and be sure to let us know if Babson is still at the top of your list.

For those students who have applied Regular Decision, we are in the middle of reading applications and adding supporting materials to your files. So, if you or your counselor have recently sent in information, give us a bit of time to get everything updated. We have a record applicant pool of 7,500 students this year, so it may take a little extra time; you would be amazed at the amount of work done behind the scenes, even though we read everything online!

Be sure to keep checking your “My Babson” account (some instructions included in Courtney’s blog yesterday), as well as making sure our emails are making it through your spam filter; we will always update you about documents we need to complete your file.

Other than that? Do what I will be doing this weekend in between reading your applications…root on the Patriots in the AFC Championship game! 

Bonus, absurdly long Patriots video if you have some time to kill. 

If you don’t want to do that (sorry, Ravens fans), check out this video Asa (a Ravens fan) put together to get a sense for visiting Babson: