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Take a Risk

I spent time thinking about risk-taking over the winter break.  For sure, it’s part of my Babson ET&A mindset, but it likely also had something to do with getting back on alpine skis for the first time in over a decade!  As I strove to keep my fears in check, and to set a good example for our girls, I was reminded of a favorite quote from Eleanor Roosevelt — one that my office-mate has on her desk — Do one thing every day that scares you.  No doubt about it, I was scared! While the turns and techniques came back quickly (just like riding a bike), my muscles burned with pain from the unfamiliar position of constantly having my knees bent.  In the end, I have to say there are few better adrenaline rushes (besides seeing our 6 and 9 year old girls master the slopes) – the risk and pain were well worth it.


Feeling pretty good about my own risk aptitude, an email headline caught my eye on the long ride home — Take a Risk While You Have The Safety Net.  It was one of Bostinno’s new year’s resolutions for college students, which will hit home with many Babson entrepreneurs who often struggle with timing the launch of their start up.  In other words, when is the best time to take that risk?  As a Career Adviser for Entrepreneurial students, I am often asked:  Should I start my company now, or get a job first and start it later?

While the decision involves a lot of thought, conversation, analysis, and soul searching, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer.  However, I always remind students that they will likely never have the entrepreneurial resources they have now at their fingertips, especially at a place like Babson and in a city like Boston.  Check out my Entrepreneurship Page on Babson’s HUB to learn about the amazing resources here at Babson.  It’s a great way to spend some time during the last weeks of your break, and to gear up for a great 2015!  Your college years may be the best time to get that idea off the ground — a time when most of you are in residence halls and don’t have to worry about rent; a time when you have a meal plan at Trim and don’t have to worry about where your next meal comes from; and a time when the best entrepreneurial research, services, advice, and resources are yours for the asking.  2015 might be the perfect time to take that risk!