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Babson Verses Abroad

So I have been home from my semester abroad in London for about a week now and I have gotten a chance to reflect on what the major differences between Babson and where I went to school in London. Below is a chart of some things about both schools comparing them side to side. There are some major similarities but some major differences as well. A big factor in some of the differences could be the fact I took mostly liberal arts classes abroad, so the class structure could be similar at other schools in the US to the classes I took at Queen Mary.

Babson Queen Mary University of London
A Bachelors Degree takes four years A Bachelors Degree takes three years
Majority of students live on campus for all 4 years Only First Year Students and Associate (study abroad) students live on campus
In Suburb outside of Boston In the East End (Mile End) of London
Very International School Very International School
Small Classes that are a combination of Lecture and Discussion based Large Lectures and small seminars
Most classes twice a week with only a few courses once a week Meet for a lecture and seminar, most often on the same day
Classes are over an hour long and longer depending on the course’s credit Both lectures and seminars are 50 minutes long
Homework depending on the class can range from readings to cases to practice problems Homework is reading for the lectures/seminars
Group projects are common in business classes Group projects are not common but occurred in some business classes
Presentations (both group and individual) are common Presentations are uncommon
Students dress up for presentation Presentations are informal
Grades are based on class participation, papers, assignments, midterms and finals depending on the class Grades are based on papers, assignments and finals depending on the class


Now I can’t really tell you which school is better since they both have their pros and cons and it all depends on the person. Also Queen Mary is in London and I was pass/fail so the schools can not be compared based off of my experience.

But going abroad is not about comparing where you go to school in the US vs. the UK. Though some comparisons will be made, especially in changes of culture, learning to understand the differences, accepting them for what they are and even embracing them is what it is all about. Though I only looked at at the two schools, I learned a lot more about the culture over in the UK and started to understand it as well as adapt to it. I am so happy I went abroad and it its going to be hard being home but I am excited what the next semester at Babson will bring!