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Choosing Babson

Choosing colleges to look at in the spring of my junior year of high school was an incredibly stressful experience. I kept asking my mom, “How am I supposed to know where to go to college? I’m 16!” I received a post card from Babson and decided to take a look. It seemed to have everything I was looking for: a small campus and community, right outside of Boston and a strong business program. It sounded like it would be a good school to check out, but I was not sold yet. I came to campus on a beautiful April day during school vacation, and I was hooked. I fell in love with the energy my tour guide had, with the beautiful campus, and with all of the opportunities I knew I would be presented with as a Babson student.

Babson also has a very strong and unique business program. I knew I would learn skills here that would distinguish me from peers in the working world. I was particularly intrigued by Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship, where I would be able to run my own company in my first year. Babson not only taught entrepreneurship, but fostered a community focused on an entrepreneurial mindset. This distinguished Babson from other institutions, and made my decision much easier when it came time for the final decision.

Coming from a small high school, I was also concerned about class size. I had become accustomed to teachers not only knowing my name days into the new school year, but also about my personality and interests. I wanted to continue these professor-student relationships in college, and Babson provided the perfect atmosphere for that. I am so thankful for the professors I have had in my time at Babson, that have gone out of their way to check in with me, recommend me for various programs, and provide assistance wherever necessary.

It is hard to believe that it was four years ago that I received my admission decision from Babson. I am so happy with my decision to attend Babson and take advantage of all of the great opportunities that were presented to me.