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Was Babson the Right Choice? Absolutely!

As I am getting ready to wrap up my time at Babson and many students are getting ready to (hopefully) start theirs, I have been reflecting on the experiences that have shaped my time here. I am often asked whether Babson was the right choice for me, and I never hesitate to say “yes” because I would not have had it any other way. When I was accepted to Babson I expected to come here and get out. No fluff, no frills, just go to class, get good grades, graduate and get a good job. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

These are some of the experiences that have shaped my time at Babson:

FME: During my first year at Babson I became extremely passionate about my FME business, Stamp Out Suicide. While I had no business experience before college, I enjoyed applying what I was learning in the classroom into the business. I enjoyed working through the Rocket Pitch, Proof of Concept and Feasibility stages of the business so much that I decided to run for the position of CEO. Luckily, my team had as much faith in me as I did in them. Together, we became the first FME non-profit organization at Babson as well as one of the most profitable businesses. This experience really helped me get my feet wet and set me on my consulting career path.

President’s State of the College: My second year at Babson I was invited to speak at the President’s State of the College. This event, which takes place in October each year, is his or her opportunity to share vision and strategy for the College in the years ahead. I was lucky enough to be selected to speak about the impact Babson had on my life as a first-generation Mexican-American woman going to college. This event not only provided me with a huge networking opportunity, it also gave me confidence to pursue new experiences.

Babson Honors Program: At the end of my first year I was invited to apply to the Babson Honors Program. After a series of interviews and an application, I received acceptance into the program. This program has provided me with the opportunity to pursue a thesis topic that I might not have otherwise. Currently, my thesis is titled “Redefining National Competitive Advantage in the Information Age,” where I am challenging Michael Porter’s theory on National Competitiveness. Without the honors program, I’m not sure I would have ever attempted a thesis of this size, much less challenge the most recognized theory on the topic!

Healthy Living Tower: While academic experiences are extremely important in school, social experiences add the “cherry on top.” My sophomore year I became involved with the Healthy Living Tower on campus. They are a special-interest community, a group of people that care about living healthy lifestyles physically, mentally and spiritually. I loved living in the tower so much that this year I have taken on the role of president. By living in this community I have been able to interact with many peers that have the same interests as me, and most importantly, i’ve formed a second family at Babson.

If I listed out all the great experiences I have had at Babson, the list would never end. Looking back at where I was 4 years ago to where I am today, I cannot believe the impact Babson has had on me. I have had great experiences, met amazing people and come across many opportunities that I know set me apart. I am so glad I chose Babson and I know I could not have made a better choice.