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Interview tips fresh in Blair’s mind!

This blog post was written by Blair Ginden, Babson Class of 2015. Blair recently accepted an offer from one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms and shares interview tips with juniors interviewing for internships.

So you have made it through the first round. You have secured an interview slot. Congratulations! That is the first step in exploring a potential internship opportunity. But now I’m sure the nerves and anxiety is setting in as your interview date quickly approaches. I have followed two simple tips to be more comfortable in the interview that I think will be helpful for you as well:

1. Be prepared: Even though I was never asked questions that were super specific to a particular company’s mission statement, I felt much more comfortable knowing what the company’s values were. Similar to going into an exam, you will probably be more successful if you simply feel more prepared. I also was able to tie my own values into the company’s values, which is a great way to show the interviewer how you will fit into his or her company.

2. Attitude is everything: I have found through everything that I do, it is important to go into it excited and willing to learn. I know it is very nerve racking, but letting those nerves get the best of you can come off as lack of confidence to the employer.

Best of luck and I am sure you will all be great!