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Survival Tip: Keeping Abreast of Boston’s Tech Innovation

Boston’s reputation as the Innovation Hub is well earned.  The tech discoveries, advancements, and businesses launching and growing in our own backyard seem boundless.  It’s a challenge just to keep up . . . especially when you are a Babson undergrad swimming in exams, team projects, club activities, athletic/arts commitments, as well as managing professional engagements, internships, and businesses.  But, if tech innovation is your thing, there is no other choice – keep abreast and stay engaged OR opt out.  In this industry, it ‘s about keeping pace.

CaptureHere’s a survival hint – subscribe to Mass High Tech’s Start Ups and Venture Capital Daily.  Every day, you’ll automatically receive the top headlines on New England’s exciting venture-funded sectors, from the teams of innovators with the ideas to the VCs who provide funding.  By the time I was half way through my first cup of morning joe, I was up to speed on the area’s latest innovation intelligence.  By 8:20am, I learned that Alfred’s plans to expand their employee base from 10 to 20 immediately with their recent $2million in seed funding, and will launch a permanent location in Cambridge.  FitBark is using their $800K in Kickstarter funding to pioneer animal-wearable technology (a developing industry estimated at $2.6 billion by 2025) and is moving from NYC to Kansas City.  Ecommerce fashion start up, Crane & Lion, officially launches this week.  Best of all, with one click of my mouse, I was able to add BBJ’s and MHT’s Innovation All-Stars event to my calendar.  This event honors the most innovative and enterprising technology companies and entrepreneurs; the dynamic companies that are fueling our regional economy, attracting VC funding and growth capital, adding jobs, and transforming every area of technology.

With a 10 minute investment of time, one email can make huge difference in the lives of sleep-deprived, time constrained tech entrepreneurs who are primed to set the world on fire!