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The Start Up Oscars

Just when it seems that Boston’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has reached the top of its game, another grand slam comes along and brings us all to new heights.  Last Wednesday evening at the 2014 MassChallenge Awards Ceremony was one of those “grand slam” moments.  Having intereacted with a number of the start up finalists this year through various MassChallenge events, I knew I was in for something special.  I also knew that its Annual Awards Ceremony is heralded as the start up community’s largest and highest-value event to celebrate innovation and support the world’s most promising start ups.  I knew there would be high profile appearances by the likes of Governor Deval Patrick, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.  And, I also had the privelege of driving into the event and having dinner with Babson’s own Ryan Narod ’16 and Dom Esposito ’15 of WizStudios and Eveline Dang ’15 of Intelligent Payment Networks.

I wasn’t, however, prepared at all for the gooseRyan Eveline Dombumps.  Witnessing 26 one-minute pitches from the world’s most promising startups was awe-inspring. Individuals from all over the world captured our imaginations and engaged our hearts and minds with their “change the world” optimism. These entrepreneurs are bringing us novel water filtration devices to remove poisons from drinking water in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. They are changing the face of healthcare with innovative intracelluar delivery techniques to deliver a wide range of macromolecules and particles including proteins and genetic materials.  They are bringing consumers user friendly skin imaging systems that can be uploaded and reviewed by dermatologists ensuring those with alarming conditions are seen as soon as possible.  They have created wearable bands that allow sight-impaired users to sense their surroundings in a smart, simple, stylish way, reducing the need for white canes.  They’ve developed a five minute, $1 diagnostic technology for infectious diseases to help decision makers create strategies for disease control.

Treat yourself to some inspiration today, check out their recorded stream of the MassChallenge Awards ceremony by clicking here.  A little inspiration goes a long way, a lot of it changes the world.  And, it’s all right here in Boston!