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A Few Reasons Why I Chose Babson

When choosing which schools you want to apply to, it’s always helpful to identify reasons why certain schools would be the best fit for you; and the best way to determine this is to talk to current students. I’ve found that this is a pretty common question that comes up during interviews with prospective students, so I wanted to share my reasons in this blog with you in case you’re also trying to decide why you want to apply to Babson.

1)     Small Class Sizes – Having a little over 2,100 students, our average class sizes are small which means that I feel free to speak up in class and have discussions with my fellow students. I knew I didn’t want to have large lecture halls with hundreds of students in them, so Babson appealed to me because of the more intimate setting of all of our classes and the resulting ability to really get to know my professors.

2)     Diversity – I’m from a small town in central Massachusetts and diversity wasn’t something I was exposed to at home but was definitely something I wanted in my college experience which is another reason why Babson appealed to me. Having over a quarter of our students coming directly from other countries means I get the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and understand how business is done in other parts of the world. I also get to hear other languages all the time.

3)     Community – Babson is unique in that our student body is very supportive of each other. Of course we are competitive people by nature, being business students, but that does not translate into the supportive, collaborative community feel we have on campus. Having a close community was something I had in high school and I felt that Babson would be able to provide this to me as well.

4)     Finance – I always knew I wanted to study finance and while Babson excels in entrepreneurship, we also have a strong finance program here that allows students to have access to tools like Bloomberg, be engaged in challenging courses with experienced professors, and be able to utilize resources like the Center for Career Development which does a great job connecting students with employers to find potential internship or career opportunities.

While these are only a few of the many reasons I ultimately chose to attend Babson College, hopefully after reading this list you are able to relate to a few of the same reasons you want to attend Babson. Good luck!