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5 Tips Before You Hit Submit-Part 5

Happy Halloween! For some,  this day is the scariest of them all-T minus 1 day until the ED/EA deadline. All week the Babson staff has been offering “treats” in the form of last minute advice on completing your applications. To recap:

Monday: Hannah told you to be mindful of all of the word counts to your essays. Remember, you aren’t writing a novel. Concise is key, as is not getting cut off too early.

Tuesday: James assured you that not everything needs to be submitted by November st (just your part of the Common App and Supplement).  But don’t wait until Saturday night!

Wednesday: Ellen opined from the road to remind you that the college process does not end at the deadline. Stay in touch with us!

Thursday: For Tommaso’s turn he addressed the need for proofreading. It’s important. I promise to do the same for your decision letters.

OK, so I’m up for #5. I think my “tip” is more of a challenge. And it’s a hard one.

Hit submit and take a walk. Or go play basketball. Or see a movie (Gone Girl is REALLY good). You have put a lot into this process: 4 years of academic achievement, LONG mornings sitting for the SATs (or ACT, or TOEFL..), time logged in at your computer crafting essays, not to mention all of those college visits-you’re tired and we get that. Take some time to regroup and do something else to clear your head. Something that won’t cause you to second guess the last sentence of your essay or wonder if you got your CEEB code correct. And tell your parents that you have the Babson Dean’s approval.

On Monday you’ll be back to the grind of school work and waiting on college application decisions, but you will have officially applied to college. Congratulations and good luck. We’re here if you have any questions.

For those of you who have not yet applied and are waiting for the Regular Decision deadline in January, fear not-that countdown has begun (65 days).  The next blogs will be dedicated to you!