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5 Tips Before You Hit Submit – Part 4

With just two days to go until the November 1st Early Decision and Early Action deadline, I’m here to offer another tip to get you ready to hit that submit button.

Tip #4: Proofread!

Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s still an incredibly important part of the process. I know you’ve put a lot of time into your application, but take just a few more minutes to look through the entire application before sending it off. Check for spelling, grammar and formatting. As great as technology is, don’t trust autocorrect and spellcheck. I’ve also seen responses get cut off or not show up as intended, so be sure to check the application preview screen which will show you what the admission counselors see when reading your application. It’s also important that you don’t just proofread your essays, but make sure to take a second look at all the written parts of your application. For example, if we need to contact you and your email address isn’t typed correctly, you may miss out on important updates on the status of your application. While we probably won’t make a decision based on a typo alone, you still want to make the best impression on the reader of your application and make sure that all your time and effort results in an application that reflects that hard work.

Looking forward to seeing your applications (and I really hope there are no typos in this blog post…)!