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5 Tips Before You Hit Submit – Part 2

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Four Days until the November 1st deadline!

James’ Tip (Question) of the Day: Do you need to have all pieces of your application in by November 1st?

As Hannah wrote yesterday in her post, we are going through five final tips a we head toward the Early Decision and Early Action Application Deadline. I’m cheating a little bit in posting a question, but it is one that a countless number of students have asked me over the course of the last month.

The short answer? No.

The only thing that needs to be submitted by the November 1st deadline is your application, complete with the supplement and essays. Everything else, such as transcripts, test scores, recommendations, or any additional information, can come in after November 1st, as soon as it is available.

Keep an eye on your email (and make sure we aren’t heading to your spam folder), as we will contact you regarding any missing information.

So, take a breath, take some time to go over your essays and application one more time before hitting “Submit,” but don’t worry about those October 11th SAT scores getting to us by the 1st. Get them to us as soon as you can, but know that we will still see them before we read your application.

One bonus tip: Don’t wait until November 1st at 11:59 PM to submit your application. Too many things can happen to screw up that plan. Get it in early and you can always make changes later on by calling or emailing our office or the counselor who will be reading your application

Best of luck!