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Accounting Internship Interviews- start here!

Attention Juniors!! Accounting interviews are just around the corner. CCD is excited to host each of the Big 4 firms in addition to StoneTurn next week in the CCD Interview Suite in Hollister Hall. I have been working closely with many of the recruiters and the interviewers are excited to meet with the Babson talent.

In my advising meetings with accounting juniors I often have to remind candidates that the interview is a two way street. While the firm is trying to identify if you are the right fit and have the relevant skills and qualities they are targeting, you are making sure that the firm and position is a good fit for your career goals and interests. We know that they have come prepared to the interview…the question is, have you? Seems so simple, but it is not. The interview will begin at the MANDATORY PRE-INTERVIEW NIGHT. Be prepared for your meeting with these professionals by conducting company research, talking to alumni, and practicing behavioral questions. CareerBeam via the HUB is a great place to gather info on how to best prepare for the interview and conduct an online virtual mock interview. The Accounting Alumni Industry Adviser Program is a way to practice your interview skills before the actual interview—sign up in Career Connections. 1v1 mock interviews with CCD advisers are also available via Career Connections. Request an appointment today.

Give these 3 questions some thought:
• Why this industry?
• Why this company (be specific to which big 4 firm you are interviewing with)?
• Why this role (tax, audit, advisory)?

Most often the interviewer will wrap up with something similar to, “What questions to you have for me?” This is your opportunity to ask relevant, engaging, and thoughtful questions that demonstrate your interest. Within 24 hours follow up with a thank you note. Remember, dress to impress and be on time.

Good Luck!