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Be Yourself

It is hard to believe I am already a month into senior year at Babson! I am excited to get started on the job search, make lasting memories with my friends and make the most of my last year at Babson. I feel very empowered by my friends, faculty and staff here at Babson to make this a reality.

One thing on the top of my mind is the job search, which through speaking with many high school seniors, seems quite similar to the college search process. It feels like a dance, where both the employer and potential employee are trying to impress each other and say the right thing. A networking event is almost like a first date. You don’t want to order the wrong thing to eat or drink, but you also want to be your true self so the employer will appreciate you for who you are. I think the most important tip I received at a networking event is to be yourself. This holds true for seniors looking at colleges as well. Being mindful of your values and what you want to get out of your college experience is just as essential as considering the values of your future employer.