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Extending Learning Outside the Classroom

Babson College is well known for its opportunities in the classroom where students start their own businesses, consult for real companies, and develop their business skills. While these classes offer great learning possibilities, there are many additional ways to learn from experiences outside the classroom that lead to personal growth and development as a business professional.

One of the best ways to learn and gain a new perspective is to travel abroad to experience new places and cultures. This past summer I was fortunate to get experience in the international business landscape. Supported by the Weissman Program at Babson, I spent the first few weeks of the summer with an International Business Seminar Program. This experience allowed me to travel to Italy, France, Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom to meet with business professionals and learn about how business is conducted across Europe.


I was then able to take part in the Babson Abroad Summer Program in London where I interned and took a class at the London School of Economics. As I didn’t plan to study abroad during the academic year, this summer program offered a perfect opportunity to get a study and work abroad experience. I was able to meet many incredible people, live in a new environment, and learn firsthand what it is like to study at a different international institution. As a result of this summer experience, I am now a strong proponent of study abroad opportunities – and if you don’t plan to study abroad during the school year, be sure to explore Babson’s abroad electives for the summer or school breaks.  These programs can give you valuable exposure to the international landscape. Don’t forget about learning through work experiences either. Babson Center for Career Development can be a valuable resource to help you identify part-time job opportunities during the school year or a summer internship.  These employment experiences can help you to explore your interests, gain valuable skillsets, or forge lasting connections.

Another great way to learn outside the classroom is to take part in conferences or events for students. Each year Babson supports an opportunity for several students to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference. This annual conference brings together students from across the country working in social impact initiatives to solve problems to improve local and global communities. There are also conferences for students in the Boston area such as the upcoming Greenhorn Summit that offer a student-focused agenda. These are just a few of the many unique opportunities to learn from the work of others, from guest speakers, and breakout sessions.

Finally don’t forget about simply learning from meeting with others. Whether networking, connecting with Babson alumni, or learning from other students or social interactions, there is great value in broadening perspectives from conversations from others. Such discussions can offer career path advice, cultural insight, or other valuable personal lessons.

Remember that your education at Babson extends beyond the classroom, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to increase your learning in such ways!