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Staying Connected

Its incredible that with today’s technology I can have a face to face conversation with someone back home when I am in London. Today I not only texted my brother, I called my parents, 
Facetimes my Mammie and Papa then Skyped with my Nana and Uncle Ken. If I studied abroad 10 years ago I would not be able to say any of that. I would have to use a pay phone to call internationally or stick to sending postcards.

I’m very lucky to be abroad when this type of technology is possible. And because of this technology I feel like I haven’t left home but at the same time going on a million European adventures. Its almost like I am living a double life. By day I am an associate student at Queen Mary by night an Junior at Babson College.

With Facebook and Snapchat I am constantly in the loop with what is going on back at Babo. Whether it is a Snapchat of the Sigma Kappa sisterhood retreat to Facebook pictures of Thursday night, I feel like I am there in spirit. And the occasional Skype and Facetimes help even more.

I’m so happy I can stay this in touch with everyone and every can easily keep track of me either through my blog (yes this blog which I’m so glad you are reading! THANK YOU!!!) or through various forms of social media. Its incredible where technology is today and I’m extremely thankful that due to all this technology I can stay in touch with my family and friends.

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