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From Internship to Full-Time Offer

Babson is very good at many things, one of them is helping students find a job! Last summer I submitted about 30 applications for internship positions and interviewed at least 20 times, however I wasn’t getting any offers . Finally, after numerous rejections I decided to go to the Center for Career Development (CCD) and request help. The consultants at CCD are extremely knowledgeable about different industries and companies. During our meeting they helped me tailor my resume to the companies I was applying to and strengthen it by highlighting my greatest accomplishments. Before I knew it, I was interviewing with PTC for the position of Project Admin Intern. Two weeks later, I accepted my offer!

Many companies hire interns with the idea that they will eventually move on to a full-time position. However, I quickly realized that this would not be the case in my department at PTC. I truly enjoyed my experience there during the summer, and after learning about the acquisitions the company was making and the direction they are heading in, I decided I wanted to look into staying at the company post-graduation.

One of the connections I used to my advantage was my recruiter at PTC. I had kept in touch with her a bit throughout the summer, so one day I sent her an email asking for more information on full-time positions. She asked if I was interested in the Consultant Program at PTC and I replied yes! Becoming a consultant is my ultimate goal and ideal career, so I was extremely excited when she asked about my interest in the program. Within the week I had my first-round interview and the following week I was flown to Blaine, Minnesota for a final-round interview. Five days later I had an offer to become an Associate Consultant post-graduation! All of this took place within the first month of school; what a better way to start off senior year?

My biggest takeaway from this experience is that it is extremely important to network and leverage those connections. Sometimes all it takes is a simple question!


PTC office in Needham, MA.