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Digitas and RTM Trends

I first got to know Digitas from attending their open house in December 2013, they had invited several schools from the Boston area to visit their office location in Downtown Crossing, it was a much bigger event than they expected. At least 150-200 students were there, the place was packed. This just shows you how popular the company is and how strong competition will be when you apply for a job there.

During the visit, I had the opportunity to check out their media room they use for “real time marketing”.. RTM trends is essential. It’s when companies perform marketing “on-the-fly” to determine an appropriate approach to their customers at a particular time and place. The goal of real-time marketing is to connect consumers with the products they need now, in the moment. Remember the hat that Pharrell Williams wore during the 2014 Grammy Awards, it was purchased by Arby’s because it looked very similar to the restaurant’s cowboy hat emblem. Shortly after Williams made his debut on the Grammys red carpet, a post from the Arby’s Twitter.com account read, “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?” to which Williams responded, “Y’all tryna start roast beef?” Arby’s seized the moment and capitalized on RTM.

Recently, Digitas came to Babson to participate in the Technology and Marketing Industry Spotlight program. They are currently recruiting for a summer internship opportunity and a full-time role, both deadlines are December 1st. If you’ve imagined yourself working with a global marketing and technology agency (yes, I said technology, data is huge to Digitas) that is well known for connecting data with storytelling to help make brands special then take advantage of this opportunity.

Check out some of my pictures from Digitas – beautiful space to work in!

Office visit

Office visit

Digitas 002 Digitas 005