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3 Words That Come to Mind When I Think of Babson

Babson is an exciting place to be right now! From our recent update in prestigious rankings, the fall semester being well-underway, to Park Manor West getting closer to accommodating its first residents, the campus is lively and thriving!

As students come to visit us in the admission office, they arrive knowing about our entrepreneurial environment. However, there is so much more that makes up the foundation of our community beyond our strong, innovative entrepreneurship focus. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on what comes to my mind when I think of Babson, including: Diversity, Networking, and Momentum.

Diversity: When I think of Babson, I think of diversity in ways beyond the wide mix of geographical locations our students represent. With over a quarter of my fellow students coming from areas outside of the US, there is no doubt that we have a great spectrum of cultures, languages, and ideas on campus. However, diversity can explain many other aspects of Babson including our classes, professors, and student backgrounds. As a result of the unique balance between business and liberal arts courses, there is diversity in our curriculum which yields students who have analytical skills as well as impressive communication and interpersonal abilities. In addition, we also have very diverse professors. Whether they were a former executive at a company, ran a business of their own, or pursued a unique research project, there is an extensive range in the experience they bring to the classroom which allows them to incorporate real world examples into all topics and discussions. Finally, diversity extends to the individual backgrounds and histories of our students as you can find those who come from family businesses all the way to those who may be first generation college students or come from families who have had no prior exposure to the business world.

Networking: Being effective at building relationships, both personally and professionally, is key to being successful in life. This is called ‘networking’ and is a tool that every Babson student is familiar with. Whether you’re in the search for an internship, a job, or trying to get connected to new people, networking is a powerful tool that helps you form a strong support system. At Babson, we learn to network from day one whether it’s by attending events organized by the Center for Career Development, getting involved in a club or organization, or seeking support from our great network of loyal alumni. Students at Babson quickly learn the significance of stepping out of their comfort zones to network with those who might be able to help them land their first internship, career, or simply be there to offer advice and support.

Momentum: As I mentioned before, there’s a lot of exciting things going on at Babson right now which is why this word comes to mind. I think the combination of the global buzz about our school to the physical changes to campus have created great momentum towards an even bigger future here! With the recent recognition from Money Magazine and U.S. World News and Report, Babson is expanding its name globally and creating a positive impact on the world as our students work to add social and economic value everywhere they go. Most importantly, there are a lot of great updates happening on campus where all of this great momentum spurs from. Park Manor West, the new first-year residence hall, is on schedule to be completed this fall and be ready for its first residents in the spring. The construction of this impressive building represents the growth Babson is experiencing on a global scale every day. As our students continue to work hard and add to this momentum, it is exciting to imagine where Babson may be headed in the near future!

What words come to mind when you think of Babson?