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Accounting Industry Spotlight- kicks off CCD recruiting season

Recent grads… remember running around night after night during the recruiting season to hear the beginning or end of an employer info session before heading off to a group meeting for class?!  You had to be there to support your job search, but needed to put the final touches on a group presentation… those days have thankfully passed thanks to the launch of our INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM!  Friday, 9/12/14 kicked off UG CCD’s first of four Industry Spotlights with ACCOUNTING.  This new program allows students and employers with a common area of interest learn more about companies and recruiting opportunities all in one key event.  We kicked it off with seven firms representing the accounting industry and over 50 undergraduate and MSA program participants.  Participating firms included: Boston Scientific, CA Technologies, Ernst & Young, Katz, Nannis + Solomon, KPMG, Matson Driscoll & Damico, and Melnson Heath.

The event went off without a hitch.  Students were able to hear a pitch from each of the firms in a small group session and then break off for some networking.  A key take away that I had after debriefing with some of the students… the number that said to me CA Technologies has accounting opportunities- who knew?  OR forensic accounting sounds so interesting…  This program and format allowed for students to learn more about a variety of career field paths in the accounting space and companies that they otherwise would not have targeting in their internship and job search.   That was the goal of the program and at the same time it freed up many nights of info session overload for the students!

The Finance & Consulting Spotlight program followed most recently- also a huge success with record turnout.  Please be sure to join CCD for the Marketing & Technology Spotlight on Monday, 9/29.  These industry spotlights have proved to be an amazing opportunity for students to learn more about an industry and the opportunities that exist—not something to miss!  Kudos to Mikaela Callahan and Caroline Hayes of the UG CCD team for being entrepreneurial and thinking up such a great program for the students!  See you there!